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The inertia of taking action

How do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time.

Take one small action, somewhere. Don't worry if you're not sure it's the step in the exact right direction. Maybe it will be, or maybe it will be a step that teaches you to change direction a bit. Either way, your step forward is not wasted.

Taking imperfect action is characteristic of a productive life. Taking action means we learn from our mistakes and build our understanding of the problem. And taking one imperfect action after another builds our habit of taking action.

We can take a small stabs at a big problem where we see weak spots. Eventually, the beast will start to falter, and we gain the confidence that we are overcoming something that once felt bigger than us.

We can take action by piggy backing on others' experiences posted online or written in books, and doing what they learned from their own action and experience. But then, we must trust ourselves to take the right action, so that we truly own our own path forward. Learning sticks when we are able to formulate the problem and a solution in our own mind's eye.

Action is movement. Simply acting helps us learn, develop better habits and build confidence.

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